Body art, body positivity, and making creative content with Cat Cabajar

In this episode I chat with Cat Cabajar about her many passion projects. We chat about body art and the body art movement as well as how she's incorporated art into being able to help others. She talks about her own body journey and how her art helps not just others but also herself and we talk about how we're going to partner to bring my love of nudes into an empowering art project.

Cat has been building her painted empire for 15 years from the small city of Sarnia here in Ontario. Basically, if there’s a creative element to it, Cat is interested. She recently branched out into therapeutic art as well as public speaking and guest appearances to show people of all ages the importance of art and creative expression.

She is a strong supporter of inclusivity and body positivity and an advocate to the LGBTQ+ Community. Her mission in life is to create, uplift and inspire.

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