Exploring your own damn self on Valentine's Day with makeup, lingerie, rings and things

When I was a kid, my favourite part of Valentine’s day was getting to craft. But not even the Valentine’s cards themselves. It was constructing the paper bag that I would get to hang on the edge of my desk that people would then drop off cards into during the day. I liked making that bag look a little bit cool and a little bit pretty. It was perfect balance of who I felt like as a kid. I liked hockey and I liked the Care Bears and my little Valentine’s Bag was a neat way to get to play with both of those parts of me.

Something I have learned in recent years is, now that I am far removed from my childhood, but not so far removed from the time of my life where I can have multiple elements to myself, is that Valentine’s Day is still a great time to play around with your gender expression a little bit. 

All times are really, but this time of year provides a little bit of extra opportunity if you are looking to take advantage of companies providing extra value and affordability of some of the things I am to be able to do this.

For instance, jewelry is on sale, makeup is on sale, lingerie is on sale, and dresses are on sale. These, for me as a man who has just passed 40, and is looking to push forth in my own gender expression, are wonderful things to be able to access.

Yes, around Valentine's Day many people buy these things for loved ones. And, I suppose I will also share this ring with my loved ones, if it happens to fit them as well. Ideally, I suppose, we will co-own this lovely piece of jewelry.

A good partnership explores this kind of dynamic. A good partnership means that you continue to watch one another grow as people and discover more about who you are as individuals just as much as you do as a couple. A good partnership allows for individuals to exist on their own and to grow within that space.

Being a man who wears jewelry and makeup and earrings and has played with lingerie and dresses has been really fun. Having people in my life who support that has been absolutely life-changing. This is what love is. Not needing to do these things behind closed doors or needing to tiptoe around people looking for the right opportunity to express who you really are.

This Valentine's Day, I got the opportunity to try out some really cool gold rings from Aurate New York, a company that is also very mindful of how they purchase their jewelry and how they give back to their community. This was a really cool way for me to be able to bolster a collection of jewelry that was pretty lacking for me.

Here are a few other things I’ve had my eye on if you’re a guy like me looking to explore that gender expression in the same way I am.


Two different places I have loved (and that I have earrings from), are Express Your Fandom and LiLi Pop.

Dad and child wearing earrings they recently purchased


I am looking for mascara primarily. I cry a lot so something extremely waterproof is of the utmost importance to me. And oh my god guys, you need to be wearing nail polish!

Man displaying his green nails after a manicure


Cantiq Los Angeles is the definition of perfect lingerie. They have pieces for all people and they make me drool regularly. Wearing their stuff is a dream.


I don’t really know! Someone please tell me! I’ve looked at Modcloth before many times and have worn a beautiful blue dress from them once. Here’s to hoping I find many more!

Mike in a greenish blue dress from Modcloth