Masculinity Makeover, Talking Men and Change: January 7

This year I'm looking to share some of the basic and simple things I have learned about masculinity. They are small asks, but hopefully, will have very big impact if a number of man start doing or evaluation these things.

To preface this a bit more, these are things I have learned too. Some through life experience, some through the education of others. I encourage you to share your own tips and continue to learn yourself.

Do your things

Guys, do you like nail polish? Use it.
Do you like figure skating? Watch it.
Do you like lifting weights? Lift them.
Do you like woodworking? Do it.
Do you like dresses? Wear them.

Do you tease other men for what they like? Stop.

Check on your friends

Hey guys, do you have that one friend who's always checking in on you?

The one who asks if you're ok when things are going bad?

Check in on that person today. Ask them how they're doing.

Queer identities

Guys, our queer identities are beautiful.

Gay men, Pansexual men, Bisexual men, Trans men, Asexual men, Two-Spirited folks, Intersex folks, Questioning men.

If you are a Heterosexual man, learn what this means and love and support folks around you.

Men and menstruation

Dads and men need to take an active role in ending any stigma around menstruation.

Be part of these conversations with your kids and find ways to support organizations that provide products to those who need them.

Mental health

Men take medication for their mental health and doing so is an act of strength.

I have been doing this for a year and a half and I will never stop talking about how normal this is.


Who writes the books you read? Directs the movies you watch? Cuts your hair? Does your tattoos? Plays in the sports you watch?

Are they all men? Support creators who aren't just like you?