Peach is not "the skin colour"

I've been colouring a lot lately. It is something I took up because I want to use my creativity in new ways. And, more selfishly, it's a fun thing to do with my daughters that results in a lot great work I will eventually get tattooed onto my body.

One thing that strikes me in my researching of videos is the casual use of the term "skin colour" when talking about the peach pencil crayons or markers or crayons. This, went hand in hand with the fact that most of the superheroes or storybook characters or video game characters I was drawing, did indeed have peach skin.

We all know that peach isn't the skin colour. None of us need to refer to peach as the skin colour.

Representation matters. Pointing out that representation matters matters. And people get really confused with this idea when it comes to imaginary characters. One great example of this is how people freak right the hell out when someone suggests Hermione Granger is a Person of Color.

People cannot handle this idea. They will scour the pages of Harry Potter looking for every damn reason why you're wrong. They'll scream "it's not canon!"

But look at this...

hermione granger drawing
I'm not even good at drawing and I'm able to draw Hermione without peach skin.


drawing of belle

You can do the same thing with Belle!

You can actually do this with so many people. The same way the comic book movie genre is so capable at whitewashing characters who are not traditionally white.

So this is just a reminder to never refer to peach or pink as the "skin colour." It may be "A" skin colour, it may be "YOUR" skin colour, but it is not "THE" skin colour.

The little things are big things.